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We start each project in the studio with a careful study of the market and audience, we conduct an audit of competing projects. The creation of mobile applications and websites as a tool that brings measurable benefits to business. We use our unique experience and knowledge to create interesting and high-quality products. We undertake the full cycle of mobile app and website development, from interface design to server side development.
Stages of game creation
1. Concept Creation
The first stage includes thinking about the overall game concept and design.

2. Thinking through the logic of the game.
This is necessary to test hypotheses, evaluate gameplay and technical characteristics, think about monetization and conduct various tests of game mechanics.

3. testing the prototype
Testing provides an opportunity to see a preliminary version of the game in order to better understand the whole image of the project.

4. Design and development
This phase involves refining the prototype and adapting the design for it.

5. Testing
Testing of the mobile game is needed to detect various bugs. In the beginning there is testing by our experts, then to a wide audience.
"Wow Effect."
New games deliver a new user experience to players, and they tend to share emotions with friends and invite them to join. This creates a viral effect where the game promotes itself without extra investment.
Large Market Share
If you manage to create a new game technology, you have a chance to win the majority of the audience right away.
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